The art of storytelling is not an overnight process. You have to hone this talent, cultivate it and equip yourself with the right tools. Just as a chef has utensils, writers should have inventory.


Learn how to build your writing repertoire from the ground up. There is no greater feeling than winning 'Mr. Write.'


This e-book is for the rookie author who is overwhelmed with combing through dozens of websites. This guide breaks it down in bite sizes with a comical twist that will make writing and publishing your first manuscript a breeze.

E-Book -  Looking for my 'write' fit!.pn

So you want to be a Blogger? Here's how!

Blogging can seem intimidating, especially when you have to continuously find interesting content to keep your audience coming back for more.  How much is too much information? How often should I post?  Who is my target audience? Learn all this and more in 'Finding the Write Fit.'

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Build your writing passion on a solid foundation with all three e-books that will be sure to stir your imagination.  These books will no doubt help you to unleash your inner magic!

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